Shanta Samant
What is bronze art ?
Bronze Bronze......for a lifetime and beyond

In the third millennium B.C an artist crafted a vision in beeswax, covered it in liquid clay and cooked it in a fire. In the flames the wax was lost, replaced by empty space. Bronze-an alloy of copper and tin was heated, the molten metal poured into the cavity of the fire-hardened clay mould. The metal cooled and the sculptor knocked the clay and the first bronze was cast.

Timeless and true, bronze sculpture has been the medium of choice for many masterworks throughout the ages. This medium is also Sculptor's favorite as it is challenging, often unpredictable, tough and requires a lot of skills, it is also utterly demanding on the sculptor's time, talent and devotion.

The oldest method known for casting is cire perdue (lost wax) process, in which the Mould is formed over a wax model. The wax is then melted out (or lost) to leave the hollow space into which molten bronze is poured. Variations of this process were practiced in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and India many centuries before the Christian era.

Shanta's Bronze sculpture strikes a balance between Art of forms and figures complemented by the technique. It thus captures the intricate details and very spirit of the subject.

The patina (or final coloring) is achieved with the painstaking, time-consuming layering of patination materials that etch into the surface of the bronze sculpture and provide a depth of colour and variation.

There are many stages in the creation of a bronze sculpture and each stage requires meticulous care, skill and a great deal of effort and patience to transform the artist's vision into a work of art.

Shanta Samant
¡°I had always been inspired by idealistic mode of expression. My bronze sculptures are a journey of my ¡®Rite of passage¡¯ from childhood to womanhood.¡±
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  Shanta Samant
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