Shanta Samant
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"Many of Shanta's Bronze creations are "like a poetry" of innocence of childhood and the wisdom and maturity of womanhood. Her works tries to bring back the pleasure, and the enigma surrounding the experiences in her life."

Whether it is the joy of souring high on a swing or sliding swiftly down the slide, or the latent emotional strife that often remain unanswered. Shanta's sculptures do not necessarily talk of her personal memories but are impressions that each of us must have experienced in our childhood or adulthood , and that is where the catch lies.

The CHILDHOOD series reflect youthful innocence, passion and zeal of life. There is a sense of precariousness of delicate balance, harmony and a tremendous movement in my sculptures, often arousing a sense of anticipation and an aspiring realization of the sublime of nature. The viewer is drawn into an apt reminder of lost innocence and pleasure s of the childhood through an array of jumping, crawling, falling, climbing and riding figures defying gravity.

The second series is called SHRINGAR. She represents the ashta-nayikas. At times, she is the Abhisarika, Mohita, Shringarika, Kesh-sajja, sometimes Alasya kanya or Kamini, Hastini, Padmini or Pratibimba i.e. reflection. I see her in my dreams and I meet her in my own reflections. I see her in almost every woman.
She is engrossed in her own self, oblivious of her surroundings. You can see her wearing anklet, bracelet, nose ring, ear ring or just admiring her own reflection in the mirror, or waiting for her beloved.

Bronze create both a physical and mental challenge. The modeling technique in the bronze process allows more freedom in conception of a subject while still maintaining the stylized format. I place a lot of importance on the patinas, which I feel further enhances the quality to my bronze works. My use of colour achieved through patination of the Bronze enhances the quality of life and memories of my early experiences I find peace in the process and look forward to their challenges every day.

- Shanta Samant
Shanta Samant
¡°I had always been inspired by idealistic mode of expression. My bronze sculptures are a journey of my ¡®Rite of passage¡¯ from childhood to womanhood.¡±
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  Shanta Samant
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